Taxus baccata (cultivar unknown)

I actually have two of these in different places in the garden; they were purchased from Heronswood in 2001 as ‘Repandens Aureomarginata’, but the leaves are always a consistent, dark green. New foliage *is* more yellow than typical ‘Repandens’, but it fades quickly.

But when that yellow does come out, it pops! I really like that flush of new growth in the spring.

I bought them both in 2″ square band pots, and they’re both big — maybe six and eight feet wide now? They’ve certainly grown well!

Last year this one acted as a support for Aristolochia clematitis; the swallowtails were thrilled!

Sorry about the irrigation pipe and marking flags in the shot. You get to see the garden, nits and all!

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