Re: Dracunculus vulgaris

George R. Stilwell, Jr. writes:
 > The Daffodil Mart in Glouster, VA is offering D. vulgaris, 22-24 cm
 > bulbs, 10/$25,  50/$106.
 > Sauromatum venosum 10/$10, 50/$42.
 > 50 Dragon plants and 50 Voodoo Lilies all in bloom, it blows the mind.
 > Ray
My goodness!  I happen to be just about in Gloucester right now, cursing
the fact that the same two movies have been playing all Easter when 
unbeknownst to me Dracunculus vulagris was playing up the street.
Thanks for the pointer, Ray, I will head over and pick some up.  This
is the Queen of the Daffodil Festival in my eyes (this weekend)!

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