Arisaema questions

Dear Aroid People,

    I'm somewhat interested on the cultivation of Arisaema, but I still
have a fist of doubts about these amazing plants. As most of you already
know, I'm living in a tropical region (in the highlands of Central Brazil)
where the temperature ranges from 80oF in the hotest days of our early
spring to 55oF in our coldest winters. When the temp. drops down to 50oF
or a little less than this (what is very rare), everybody is almost
freezing here!!!  The pluviosity is around 1600mm/year.  So that's why I'd
like to know if there is anybody in this list that has any experience with
the cultivation of Arisaema in a tropical (even a subtropical) weather. I 
suppose it is possible, but firstly I'd like to hear from some of you. 
    I'm aware that most species of Arisaema are from the temperated North
(In fact, I have never seen a living Arisaema in my whole life!), but if
I'm not confused, there are some species occuring in Southern regions of
the world (Northern Mexico?, Southern China or Northern India?) and I
suppose that some of them can survive well here. If anybody there knows
any of such species, let me know. Obviously, I'd also love to know WHERE I
could find some good source of Arisaema's seeds. I'm waiting for your wise 



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