Re: Remusatia vivapara

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Don Burns wrote:

> A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Remusatia vivapara had pushed up an 
> infloresence, and that a leaf was following.  I was pleased since this 
> was the first time I had observed one of my own flowering, and especially 
> since Bohn said that it does not happen that often. Rob McClure replied 
> to me that his flowers every other year. (Rob, correct me if I am wrong.)

Maybe this is the year the Remusatias flower all over the world?  One of
mine has flowered, too (the tuber and the emerging inflorescence of that
one can be seen in 

One notable difference wrt Don's observation (which, as I recall, was that
the inflorescence was quite epehemric, having unfolded and wilted withing
a day or two): the inflorescence has lasted for nearly two weeks.  Its 
smell resembled that of a fresh potato cut open - somewhat unpleasant.


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