Re: Dracunculus vulgaris on the big screen

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Al Wootten wrote:

> My goodness!  I happen to be just about in Gloucester right now, cursing
> the fact that the same two movies have been playing all Easter when 
> unbeknownst to me Dracunculus vulgaris was playing up the street.

Al, as with many cinematic masterpieces you may prefer not to have a seat
too far down front for this one. My patch of D. vulgaris, though
numerically greater than 50, had only 20-25 inflorescences last year. At
the stench maximum (which fortunately is fairly short) I was very glad
they are situated about 90 meters from the house.

I have a couple of D. vulgaris from The Daffodil Mart in a slightly
different location than my main bunch, just to see if there is any
varietal difference. So far, none - they also seem quite hardy here,
emerging at the same time as the larger group. They have not flowered yet.

Has anyone anything to report on plants from the seed Nick Turland
distributed from Crete a couple of years ago? My plants are still small
and will probably not flower for another year or so.


-- Steve Marak

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