Re: Arisaema questions


Wilbert is growing these tropical Arisaema in a greenhouse.  
A. scortechinii, A. kunstleri, A. anomalum, several clones of A.
filiforme, A. laminatum, and A. umbrinum.

There is certainly a need for someone to form a collection and a body of
knowledge about the tropical Arisaema. Except for Wilbert, who gets them
by accident mixed in with Amorphs, and Shing Lam, who looks out the
window in Hong Kong at fields of them, there's no one paying any
attention to these interesting plants. If you're interested, contact
Shing and Wilbert to see it they can get you some starters.

Then join the Arisaema Enthusiasts Group and share your experiences on

We do know the temperate Arisaema have trouble in southern Florida
because they do not get a cold spell. We also know that 1 month is enough
cold to cause dormant seedlings to start growing again. So, I suppose
just as northerners can bring in the dormant tubers to keep them from
freezing, tropical people could store the dormant tubers in a
refrigerator for a month to give them a cold period.


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