Arisaema questions II

Dear Aroidelers,

     Firstly, thanks to Ray, Shing, MJ Hatfield and Don for the prompt
reply.  My ignorance about the Arisaemas was sligthly lowered, but I still
have a long way ahead. I still don't know how to join Arisaema-l. I have
to confess that I got a post explaining that, but it was some time ago,
when I just believed that I wouldn't see any Arisaema in the next future.
Now I know that there are some lovely tropical or subtropical species (I'm
in love specially with A. cordatum), and I'm even proned to try some
Temperate species (I think my refrigerator will be a part of my greenhouse
soon...). I'm still waiting for some indication about seed sources but
I'll try it directly in the Arisaema-l (as soon as I can join...). 

                                             Best wishes,


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