Re: Bac ha

Greg Ruckert wrote:
> With a growing Asian community we are being exposed to more Asian culinary
> delights.
> At a local market I bought a plant, labelled only as Bac Ha (both a have
> accents which I can't replicate here), which is clearly a dwarf aroid under
> our conditions.
> Can anyone suggest a proper name please.
> Greg Ruckert
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> Glenside 5065
> South Australia, Australia
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Hi Greg
My name is Neil Crafter and I work on Glen Osmond Road at Fullarton....
nearly next door neighbours in terms of Aroid-L !! I am a member of the 
IAS and have been a keen hobby grower and collector of philodendrons for 
many years now. 
I can't shed much light on bac ha but I do know of a chinese green 
vegetable called bok choi - I guess the bac/bok part may be a standard 
prefix for leafy greens. 
Anyway if you have an interest in aroids ,especially philodendrons I"d
be pleased to hear from you
kind regards 
Neil Crafter

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