Re: Fiji--Kadavu Island

Not sure what your availability is to a good library, but A. C. Smith's
Flora Vitiensis Nova treats the flora of Fiji quite well.  Treatment of the
Araceae occurs in Volume 1 of this five volume + index work.  A.C. states
that there are 12 genera representing 14 species known to occur in Fiji.  Of
these, two are considered indigenous and one endemic.  If you will provide
me with your snail mail address, I can send you xerox copies of the 22 pages
on Araceae.

Scott A. Lucas
Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
P.O. Box 80
Papaikou, HI  96781

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Subject: Fiji--Kadavu Island

>I'm considering a trip to Kadavu, an island in Fiji this July.  I'm
interested in
>what type of plant life I will find there and wondered if anyone could
offer information
>in this regard.  I've surfed the net and checked local bookstores for
travel info
>but cannot find much on plant life.  How about native aroids that I might
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