Shipment of live plants from USA to Sweden went OK (fwd)

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Sender: Judy Bauer <>
Subject: Shipment of live plants from USA to Sweden went OK

Hi Aroiders,
I am pleased to announce that the shipment of live plants that I mailed
to Nathanael Simonsson of Trollh=E4ttan Sweden arrived in good order.  I
mailed the 9 ounce package by US Postal air mail that takes between 4 to

7 days. One word of advice before mailing a package, check out this web
site for the "rate calculator":
I took the same package to an independent US Postal service. They wanted

to charge double for mailing the same package. So I drove down the road
a little further to the regular US Post office.
Judy Bauer
8440 Huckleberry Trail
Concord NC 28027
US plant zone 7

(I drove a mile to sale a pile)

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