Kathy's titanum

I suppose it's okay to be skeptical, but Amorphophallus is a strange =
genus and does strange things.  Last year my large (6.5 lb) konjac tuber =
finally put up an inflorescence (and then promptly took a nap for 13 =
months--no leaf last year)--so did two that were less than a pound (they =
promptly sent up a leaf also).  On the back cover of Aroideana 11(2), =
Fanny Lee Phillips published a photo of a 3.5 oz konjac with an =

The real question is, what triggers the flowering process?  The fact =
that I had three konjacs of different sizes bloom in one year suggests =
that it may have something to do with the previous growing season--but =
what?  And why didn't all of Kathy's titanums bloom this year?

Clarence Waldron

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