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Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 4:56 PM
Subject: I'll prove it!

Dear All,
I did not intend to get involved in this one as I do not grow Amorphophallus
sps., but am driven to note that we are dealing with an Aroid here, and as
we know (or should know!) Aroids do NOT conform!  I have had seemingly
"juvinile" plants of several genera bloom at an early age and size, and
recently a friend had a 5" seedling(?) of Cyrtosperma cuspidispathum bloom,
and this is a plant that can get to 7-8ft. tall!!   Amorphophallus titanum
is no exception, and I remember reading somewhere of other older records of
"undersized" (but not as small as Kathy`s) A. titanums blooming.
Once again Kathy, congrats on a fantastic feat.  I look forward to seeing
the photos.

Ok, all you unbelievers!!   I'm officially inviting any aroiders who
will be in the area next week to come and see A. titanum when it
will surely open.  You can back me up then to the group!!   We'll take lots
of photos and eventually make a herbarium specimen out of.

You haven't convinced me that this is not a miniature inflorescence of
titanum with your doubts! (by  miniature, I mean about 2 feet tall)

-Kathy Upton
University of Missouri

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