Re: I'll prove it!, and St. Louis

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Kathy Upton wrote:

> Ok, all you unbelievers!!   I'm officially inviting any aroiders who
> will be in the area next week to come and see A. titanum when it
> will surely open.  You can back me up then to the group!!   We'll take lots
> of photos and eventually make a herbarium specimen out of.

What bad timing! I am actually in St. Louis right now, finishing off a
conference. Kathy, I don't suppose there is the slightest chance this will
open by Friday, is there?

I had a little unexpected free time this afternoon, and went over to MoBot
to wander around. (Didn't bother Tom as I hadn't expected to be free until
tomorrow. Should have known a bunch of computer security and law
enforcement types wouldn't want to hang around through the closing
ceremonies.) Saw a Spathiphyllum in the Climatron that even I like. (I'm
not normally very fond of Spathiphyllums. I don't know why. They're sort
of like an aroidal hosta to me. Sorry, Tony, I can't help these
prejudices, which no doubt reflect my low character.)

Lots of aroids in the Climatron, of course, but stumbled across several
outdoors as well. Pinellia pedatisecta appears to be slowly infiltrating
the area outside the temperate house (lots of large plants in flower), and
I came unexpectedly across some arisaemas blooming in a nameless bed,
with no identifying tags. Two were sikokianum, one possibly franchetianum
(?), and another which appeared different and not identifiable by me, at
least in that setting.

The gardens were beautiful as always, and the weather was perhaps the best
we've had for looking - not cold and rainy nor steamy hot, occasional
sunshine but mostly shady. Didn't see everything - thought something
should be left for tomorrow.


-- Steve Marak

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