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Oh, what the heck! Just in case someone foolishly thinks they are detecting
some pattern from all the titanum stories, let me disuade them. I have 8
titanums left after distributing 12 to botanic gardens. My 8 reside in
individual pots, side-by-side under lights in the basement. They receive the
same rain water, the same fertilizers, same light, temperature, attention,
etc, etc. Each has sprouted and gone dormant on its own schedule. Some are
coming up, some going down at the same time. I don't think they have a
schedule. They may not even have a trigger. Coming from equatorial forests,
there should be little effect of daylength or temperature. I will guess (and
it is only a guess based on my orchid observations over the decades) that it
will flower more often and more regularly if given as much sun as possible. In
Maryland, England, Netherlands, it would be _HARD_ to give enough light, I
would think. One other observation -- probably obvious, but unmentioned --
when the leaf dies back, so do the roots.

clark riley, baltimore, maryland, USA

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