Diana's Questions

We have a full list of the Genera of Araceae at the IAS web site. URL is 
<www.mobot.org/ias>. At the home page click "Araceae" and on the 
resulting page click on "The Genera of Araceae". Most of the genera 
listed do not yet have linked species lists but some do. If you find a 
particular genus that you would like to know more about just post a 
question to the list.  We have a lot of knowledge here just lurking in 
the background. (Right now it is quite quiet so we may have a few people 
on vacation - or busy with their plants  :-)

As for seed, you will find people here who are willing to trade seed or 
tubers.  We also have two list members in the UK who are associated with 
businesses that sell seed.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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