Amorphophallus Titanum request --------Konjac Offer and Question (please help)

Hi All,

The A. Konjacs are all growing nicely in my back yard in upstate New York 
 now in the middle of the summer.  In a couple of months I will have 
tubers of different sizes available.  Last year, I offered some medium 
size ones for P&H and had some  people interested.  Unfortunately, I lost 
all the names when my ISP reinstalled some software and forgot to save my 
mail.  So, I will ask if those who wrote me would write again so I can 
send them tubers this fall.  Also, if anyone else is interested, please 
drop me a note.  

I will also have 1 or 2 large tubers (over 1000grams) which are VERY 
likely to have a 'flower'.  I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find 
an A. Titanum since last fall.  If you have an extra one which you would 
be willing to trade, I will trade you one of my LARGE tubers for it and 
pay the postage both ways.

One of my larger tubers came up very late this year.  As a result, it 
will have a very short time to regrow its tuber.  Around here, the leaf 
of an A. Konjac turns yellow and dies in late September.  I would like to 
prolong growth for a few extra weeks but I as not sure what the trigger 
is that causes the plant to wither. Can you please tell me if it is the 
colder temperatures in the daytime, the colder temperatures at night, the 
shorted days (light), the dimmer light, or something else???????  If 
someone can tell me the answer, I will try to accommodate the trigger and 
hopefully get enough extra time to offset the late start.

Thanks for your help.

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