Speaking of Amorphophallus Konjac..

Since we're all on the subject of Amorph. Konjac, I thought I'd butt in and
ask a question or two if I might. Earlier this year (like March) I had
posted about my Konjac whose emerging leaf had been broken off by my cat
who decided to use my plant stand as a day bed, and everyone suggested I
leave the tuber in the pot and just wait and see what happens.. Well, it
appears as though my plant survived the ordeal and has just recently put
out a new leaf, although this one appears a bit small (no doubt due to the
trauma earlier..) So naturally my plant manages to put up a leaf at the
wrong time of year, and I am wondering how to extend the season to ensure
this guy can build up enough reserves for next year. Right now it's in my
kitchen which gets good light and is decidedly *warm* during the day, but
it will start to cool off soon outside (I'm in Atlanta) I'm so excited to
see this plant finally put out a leaf! I have to say that I think Amorphs
have to be one of my favorite plants, they're so beautiful!!

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