New Genera on pages

Dear Friends, 
Due to the efforts of Scott Hyndman and the wonderful staff at Mobot, a few 
more photos with short notes on the Genera have been posted on "The Genera of 
Araceae" page, and you may be interested in viewing these. They can be found 
by pulling
Click on "Araceae" in the second from the left box, top row, then on the 
highlighted sentence at the bottom of the page ( "The Genera of Araceae"), 
this brings up the list.  Scroll down, clicking on the Genera that are 
highlighted, and enjoy.
Within the notes on the newly added genera, which are Cyrtosperma, Podolasia 
and Lasiomorpha, make sure and click on the highlighted words such as 
"infloresence" so as to view the photos of both plants and infloresences.
I hope that we can continue to add photos and short notes to this presently 
rather sterile list, and invite anyone who has photos of Genera which are not 
presently displayed on the list, to work on a short note with photos.  You can 
then contact either Scott Hyndman or myself for further assistance in having 
your work posted.
Julius Boos

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