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Date: Thursday, August 13, 1998 5:36 PM
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>>Julius, there are actually TWO photos in Fairchild's GARDEN ISLANDS OF THE
GREAT EAST of Cyrtosperma merkusii (I have the book): one taken on a
beach in Luzon showing Prof. Hugh Curran holding an 18-ft. leaf-petiole
cut from the forest; the other photo taken in the forest itself showing
Ned Beckwith standing amidst a grove of them.  The leaf itself (the
lamina) seems no larger than those on a mature Alocasia odora, nor
any larger than those in the photo of A. odora var. robusta in EXOTICA
which shows Roberto Burle Marx standing beneath the "canopy" of the
plant.  The leaf of Philodendron speciosum would seem to be AT LEAST
as large and probably larger, and it's unsegmented.  I have grown
Xanthosoma violaceum and X. sagittifolium with leaves almost 6-feet
long.  In addition, in the BBS production of David Attenborough's
"The Secret Life of Plants" there's a scene with the great popularizer
himself standing within a clump of what he calls "the giant arum" of
Borneo or Sumatra or wherever he is--the leaves of this plant, if
memory serves, seem larger than any of the above.  I have it on tape
and could find the part if anyone is interested;  alas, he gives no
binomial or even genus name ..... wonder if he's online?

Robert Lee Riffle, author of THE TROPICAL LOOK<<

Dear Bob,
Yes, these are the photos that I remember seeing some time ago.
The leaf (petiole and blade) that Fairchild is holding on the beach
at Luzon impressed the hell out of me!  I have personally grown
this species to about 13 feet tall, and it is a sight to behold!  The
Alocasia with Roberto is also one of the largest I have seen.
The photo of Richard Attenborough with the giant Arum was, I
believe, one of the two giant Amorphophallus sps., but these have
divided leaves.  I am not aware of the size of the leaves of Philo.
spiecosum, but it probably is a large plant.  There is also a HUGE
species of Anthiuirum  From Mexico in Dr. Birdsey`s collection in
Miami that in leaf blade size would rival any of the above.
Thanks for sharing the info. with me.
any of the above

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