Re: Alocasia reversa

Hmmm, interesting.  Dewey, what's the answer?  It was your reversa that I
photographed and listed on the web page.  (And perhaps it's now time for a
public admission that I killed it over the winter.)

On the other hand, Kris, after looking at your photos, I bet they're the
same plant and that mine was just a lot younger and so had leaves that were
slightly different shaped.  Unfortunately, it died before I was able to
find out.

At 02:57 PM 8/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
> wrote:
>>      Dear Krzysztof,
>>      `Really pretty Alocasia' looks like a non-peltate form of A. reversa
>>      (Sarawak)
>I have more photos of this plant at
>, including a recent
>inflorescence closeup.
>Actually, there are both peltate and non-peltate laves on the same plant! 
>The two
>juvenile leaves are very much peltate, the later two are defnitely 
>non-peltate -
>the main posterior veins are exposed for at least 1/2 inch away from the 
>I looked also at Lester Kallus' photos of A.reversa at
>, and I suspect one of our 
>is not what it is labeled as (or is this a highly variable species?).
>Alistair, would you have time to take another look at these pages? The
>inflorescence photos should show at about 2x magnification on typical 
>monitors (the actual size is 2" from the bottom of the spathe to the tip
of the
>spadix), so they should be more helpful in confirming its identity...
>Krzysztof Kozminski
>"Applying computer technology is simply finding the right wrench to
> pound in the correct screw."

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