Re: seed culture

>Dear All,
>I've just been given fruit of Anchomanes difformis and Arisaema triphyllum.
> Never having grown either from seed I'm hoping someone out there can help.
>--My plants are now dormant.  Should I wait until spring to plant?
>--Any suggestions for seed mix?

According to Rob McClure (my seed source), these seeds need warmth and
humidity to germinate.  Living in  Wisconsin and not wanting to wait until
next August (!), I've got them in loose compost in a glass jar in one of
the 37C incubation chambers in my work lab.  I don't know how long the
seeds are viable.  There was also a note from Wilbert that once germinated,
these plants will put up multiple shoots from the developing tuber until
finally entering a first dormancy.  Evidently the roots are rather fleshy
and do not like to be dried out during dormancy (Hope I got this right,

>--Same questions as above, but should I refrigerate the cleaned seed?  If so,
>for how long.  I am in Central Florida.  This sp. will grow here but is
>native to the northern part of the state which is colder.

I harvest my A.triphyllum seeds in October and keep them in coarse peat in
a baggy in the 'frig until spring.  I don't know if there is any minimum
chilling period.

Don Martinson
Medical College of Wisconsin

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