Re: Ambrosinia bassii


The bloom of my Ambrosinia bassii is finally starting to open and the
bloom, itself, is starting to colour down. "Brown," or shades of, is
inadequate to describe the outer spathe. With a magnifying glass and a
little more time, I will be able to clearly discern the interior features
of the spathe (this is more to my eyesight than to the need of a magnifying
glass, I think).

This tiny plant seems quite comfortable in Maritime Canada (New Brunswick),
in a coolish south-western window as long as it is misted regularly. The
sun, reflected from the snow, probably helps too. As a first time grower,
this turned out to be an easy plant (for me) and well worth the while for
those who like _small_.

Kind Regards,


PS: Carlo - Just as you said: Fascinating and unique!

PPS: Thanks again, Fausto!

Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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