(Fwd) Amorphophallus surplus

Dear  Michael Marcotrigiano <marcotrigiano@pssci.umass.edu>:

I am forwarding your message to aroid-l.  You can not find a better place 
than  this for any tradings with aroids.  It will be nice to know what 
size your tubers are.  You may not know the International Aroid Society 
well.  If so, sincerely hope you can join us.  Please check the Membership 
Page at the IAS web site.  Many thanks and good luck.

Guanghua Zhu

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Date:          Fri, 05 Dec 1997 09:53:18 -0500 (EST)
From:          Michael Marcotrigiano <marcotrigiano@pssci.umass.edu>
Subject:       Amorphophallus surplus
To:            chapman@premier.net
Cc:            zhu@mobot.org

Dear Sir: I am a researcher at the Univ. of Massachusetts.  My work 
involves propagating plants in tissue culture.  A few years ago I began 
work in the genus Amorphophallus using A. konjac as my model since there 
were sources to get starting material.  Experiments worked well and I now 
have about 500 corms of A. konjac.  I would like to find a source to sell 
them so the money could be recycled into my research program.  I would 
also like to try my methods on other species.  Last year we tried A. 
bulbifer and it looks very promising.  So my question is this.  Could you 
suggest a method by which I might have success selling my tubers?  How 
about obtaining other species?

Any help greatly appreciated
Michael Marcotrigiano
Associate Professor

Guanghua Zhu
Missouri Botanical Garden
P. O. Box 299
St. Louis, MO 63166-0299, USA
Phone: (314)577-9454
Fax:   (314)577-9438

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