Hispanic Grocery Tubers

I finally located a hispanic market here on Long Island and was faced with
the classic question of which "aroid is this root".

I found Mapuey, Columbian Yam and two varieties of Yautia.  After searching
the web, I identified Mapuey as Dioscorea trifida.  Is that an aroid?  Can
it be grown over a short season?

Columbian Yam looked very much like tubers of Colocasia esculenta.  At
$1.29 a pound it seems far more reasonable than the general cost in
nurseries.  Is Columbian Yam a Colocasia?

Yautia looked like (and probably is) a Xanthosoma.  Can anyone identify
Xanthosoma fla (presumably florida) and Xanthosoma lily?


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