Re: Brrrr!

Dear Don,

 A balmy 72-80F here in Hawaii, although I must say we have had some rain
which mars an otherwise perfect aroid climate for my extensive Bornean
Haleiwa, Hawaii

[Listowner's note: We're not complaining anymore. For the past two days 
the temp has hit 85....]

>Well Aroiders, hope you are all warm wherever you are and that your 
>plants are nearly as warm as you.  Last night was the coldest of the 
>season here in zone 10b. Temperature dropped to a chilly 48 degreesF here 
>at the house just before sunrise. The tender water dwellers Urospatha, 
>Dracontioides and Lasiomorpha, spent the night in the garage, and they 
>are in the garage agaain tonight.

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