Well Aroiders, hope you are all warm wherever you are and that your 
plants are nearly as warm as you.  Last night was the coldest of the 
season here in zone 10b. Temperature dropped to a chilly 48 degreesF here 
at the house just before sunrise. The tender water dwellers Urospatha, 
Dracontioides and Lasiomorpha, spent the night in the garage, and they 
are in the garage agaain tonight.

In an email note yesterday Rand said the moose are coming to his door 
asking for blankets.  Must be cold up the, eh Rand?

Julius Booz in Palm Beach county gets much colder than we in Broward even 
though he is less than 40 miles north of us. How are things there, Julius?

And Mary Sizemore, who lives up near Florida's north pole must be really 
cold now. Mary lost her greenhouse heater last year.  Hope you have it 
working again, Mary!

Amorphophallus titanum all appear to be going dormant early this season 
compared to the past two years when they were awake for at least 14 
months. This year the magic number appears to be 10. One tuber never woke 
up; it was the last to go dormant last winter.  But the tuber appears to 
be in good condition so maybe we'll hear from it earlier than the others 
in a couple of months when they all go into their 4th year from seed.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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