RE: Grocery Store Aroids

From: on behalf of George R Stilwell, Jr.
Sent: 	Thursday, December 11, 1997 4:34 PM
Subject: 	Re: Grocery Store Aroids


I looked through the list of web sites you gave. It takes a while. While
full of
information, I didn't find a concise table of Aroid names coupled to
food names such as Les suggested. They're way too wordy and too full of
irrelevant information.

I conclude that Les' suggestion stands. We need a simple correlation

>>Julius, you seem to be the most knowledgable. How about starting a list
on the IAS web site. Others can add to it as time goes by.


Dear Ray, 
I think the idea is a great one, and would be more than glad to begin such a 
page.  Just let me know where to send the info., and who will be putting it 
together, and I will gladly put together a list of the local names that I am 
presently aware of for the various species of edible aroids being sold in the 
U.S., and ask around for other less common local names that may not be as 
common.  You are aware that I have a list of recepies for all or most of these 
Aroids, some of which I prepared and were presented at a talk I gave to the 
Aroid Soc. in Miami last year, and can easily post or send it to who ever 
requests it ?  They are also being published one at a time on our newsletter.

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