Re: Grocery Store Aroids


Les Kallus has volunteered to put together the list of food names
correlated with Aroid names.
It would be great if you took a shot at it and passed the information on
to Les so he can
get it all together. If it's going on the IAS site, Guanghua Zhu is the
keeper of the gates for it.
Les needs to work with him to get it formed properly and integrated into
the page.


Dear Ray, 
I think the idea is a great one, and would be more than glad to begin
such a 
page.  Just let me know where to send the info., and who will be putting
together, and I will gladly put together a list of the local names that I
presently aware of for the various species of edible aroids being sold in
U.S., and ask around for other less common local names that may not be as

common.  You are aware that I have a list of recepies for all or most of
Aroids, some of which I prepared and were presented at a talk I gave to
Aroid Soc. in Miami last year, and can easily post or send it to who ever

requests it ?  They are also being published one at a time on our

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