Inflorescence Odor Changes in Response to Temperature

The temperature is again tonight dropping into the low 50degF point and 
it is very windy.  Since the wind chill will probably put the effective 
temperature far below 50, once again the water dwellers will spend their 
night in the garage. The Uropspathas have a number of inflorescences most 
of which this afternoon were exuding their characteristicly sweet 
melon-like odor.  Just a few hours later, the fragrance is gone.  I know 
this is not a response to darkness, as they were quite fragrant last 
night at 11PM.

The sole other significant change that took place in the past few hours 
is the temperature: It has dropped at least 12 or 13 degF.  Has anyone 
else observed odor changes in response temperature changes?  Granted, this 
is certainly no controlled experiment I have just performed, but I do 
intend to check out what these guys smell like again mid-day tomorrow.
I am aware of plants whose flowers respond to light, or lack of it, 
to raise the intensity of flower odors, my favorite being Brassavola 
nodosa, the orchid that is pollinated by specific night flying insects. 
But I have not night heard of plants with flowers that respond to 


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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