"sales" 97

Dear Aroid-ellers,

It is that time of the year again......... Below is a list of surplus
material from the phalloid research collection. Unfortunately this year
has been suboptimal for several reasons and the diversity of the offer
and the quantities are much lower than last year. On top of that, I need
more material next year for molecular studies, so much of the surplus
will be processed next year in the blender........... The things we do
for science.........

Those of you who have received dead material last year, please indicate
this in your wantlist! I shall make replecements a priority matter.

Like last year, I leave it up to everyone to send in some money (cash,
NO cheques please!!) as he/she thinks fits what is received. Please, do
not send anything before you receive the material. The shipping will be
no sooner than January. It is a damn pity that the plants are usually
dormant when lots of us are "suffering" from winter. 

Do not forget to send your snail-mail address!!!

Because of the lower quantities of material this year and the larger
quantities of aroid-ellers, I am sure some of you are going to be
disappointed. I shall try to distribute material as evenly as possible.
Please, try to send in your wantlist before Xmas!


Am. ankarana
Am. eichleri
Am. excentricus
Am. haematospadix
Am. henryi
Am. konjac
Am. krausei
Am. lewallei
Am. maximus
Am. muelleri
Am. napalensis
Am. odoratus
Am. paeoniifolius
Am. palawanensis
Am. prainii
Am. taurostigma (was "staurostigma")
Am. variabilis
Am. yuloensis
Am. yunnanensis

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