Winter arrives

My IAS newsletter arrived week before last.  I really enjoyed Tom Croat's
travelogue describing his Colombian collecting trip, but found that my
National Geographic maps were inadequate to follow his adventures.  Fortunately
Santa brought me the Times Atlas, which remedied that problem, and I was
able to follow his aroid quest a bit more vividly.  Enjoyable issue, folks!

Winter has arrived.  In Deltaville, I brought in the tender callas and my 
Alocasia mac. which live outside.  The latter would probably survive--an 
oleander has lived through the past two winters--but I thought I would give it
 a better head start if I put it in the garage for the winter, as it isn't
too large yet.  The Arum italicum have formed nice clumps by the basement
door--more leaves than last year, which I presume to mean that they are
multiplying, but they are smaller.  In Charlottesville, a good deal colder,
there is no sign of them this year and I fear my small clump is lost.
Most everything else is resting.

Cool yule to all!

Clear skies,
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