Invasive Aroids

Yes, Linda, it would be interesting to see a list of invasive aroids.  
But the problem with such a list is that a particular plant's tendency to 
spread would be directly related to the climate in which it was living.  
I see you are in North Port so you see some freezing in the winter.  
Gonatopus may not like this and so may be limited in its ability to 
spread.  Soil condition will have some affect on spreading, of course.  
But, in the case of Gonatopus soil condition seems not to to be a factor. 
I have not seen wholesale spreading - yet.  But I have seen plants pop up 
in a few places far from the mother plant, obviously started via leaves  
blowing around, and in very sandy, coral based acidic soil.

As for the vines, they can be really gorgeous. Dewey has some really 
beautiful Philos and Monsteras  in his trees.  I have started some in my 
yard.  And I think Dick Mansell has had success with vines in Tampa. You 
should get inputs from Dick.

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