Giant Tube culture

> How about this:  instead of planting them in spring when the ground warms,
> WHAT ABOUT putting them on TOP of the ground and THEN burying them with a
> loose, well draining mixture of leaf mold and sand?--sort of a tuber
> mausoleum. Then when they go dormant simply uncover, tip into a wheel barrow
> or other suitable implement (if too heavy to lift) and cart indoors.
> What do you think?

	How 'bout THIS: In climates which warrent the following, why not
try and recycle a couple old tires?  Simply place the tuber atopt the
ground, place a tire around it and fill with soil.  The nice thing about
this is that additional tires can be stacked up as needed.  Urban potato
gardening is quite easy employing this method.

				Roger L. Sieloff

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