Latest on a big Konjac

After seeing the post from the U of Conn a few weeks ago, I decided to 
keep track of my Konjac, which was growing larger by the minute.  We had 
friends over for dinner 2 weeks ago and it grew 1 1/2 inches between when 
they arrived at 5 PM and when they left at 11.  It averages 6-7 inches a 
day for over a week and it topped out at about 7 feet and lasted several 
days.  Fortunately, the stink only lasted about 3.  We moved it to the 
spare room and closed all the vents as it was making us all sick.  I let 
the local civic garden center put an article and photo in the paper to 
promote their spring sale - a nice pcture and a fumerous article.  The 
tuber lost 5 pounds in the process.  I gained 10, but I think that may 
have been from over eating over the holidays!
Til next time!

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