Giant Tube Eats New Jersey!

>   I will be planting Coladium in and amongst the gophers which have freeways
> running up and down my property!  I don't know if gophers like Coladium, but
> they may want to sample them.  The tires are a good idea, or you could build
> simple, but more attractive open-ended boxes just the right size for the
> tuber, lay screen down under each one and plant the tuber, so they can't work
> their way up to them.  Is that a good idea?

	Do you mean "Caladiums"?  The screen is a very good idea since,
although the tubers are poisionous, rodents still tend to excavate them,
perhaps just for spite.  Your real enemy might be "sow bugs" however.
These are little millipede like crustaceans that roll up like tiny
armadillos when disturbed.  They also have a taste for caladium tubers and
will slowly chew their way into them.  I suggest a granular insecticide
mixed in with the soil if sow bugs become a nusiance.  I believe
"diazinon" comes in a granular preparation.

			May the farce be with you,

					Roger L. Sieloff 

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