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> Today I took part in the Young Horticulturist of the Year competition
> hosted by the Institute of Horticulture here in Britain.  One of the
> slides had a picture of a calla lily and the question was which is the
> correct name for this plant.  Naturally, being the aroid expert that I
> now am, I quickly jotted down Zantedeschia.  I was wrong!!  They said that
> it was Richardia.  Someone please tell me that it isn't so.  My protests
> were fruitless :(
> Yours,
> William Perez


My money is on you.
Here is a few lines from my trusty British RHS Dictionary of
 Gardening :

Zantedeschia aethiopica was incorrectly placed in Calla by Linnaeus.
In 1818 Kunth proposed a new genus Richardia to accomodate it.
It was then realised that Richardia had already been used for a genus 
in the Rubiaceae family.
Zantedeschia was then born and I quote " Zantedeschia is its correct 
botanical name."

Did you win the competition ?
I think you should cry foul and call in the referee !

Dept.of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Monash University, Clayton 3168

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