Re: Giant Tube Eats New Jersey!

          Would it be obvious if I said I knew how to spell Caladium, but I
just didn't want to?
          Yes I am familiar with sow bugs.  I have seen some around here that
don't roll up into a ball too.  There are many more of these than the
rollie-pollies.  They seem to have less armor around them.  I use Slug and
Snail Bait around all of my plants which seems to thin them out as well as
the slugs and snails.  Would it help if I mixed that in with the dirt?  I do
have a real sow bug problem.  When rodents chew on Caladiums do they get sick
or die?   Wouldn't that be convenient!


                                      I believe the Farce is with me: 
                        I will be farcing my grounds with Caladium real soon.

                                                      Sue Zunino

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