Congratulations, literature mentions

Congratulations to two Aroid-L'ers, Ron Gagliardo and Tony Avent, for
mentions in the March 1997 Horticulture magazine. Ron's mention was not
for aroids, but for his breeding effort toward an all-red Venus fly-trap
(Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu') - for those who may not know, Ron is very
expert in the carnivorous plant field. The article on Tony had pictures of
two aroids (Colocasia 'Black Magic' and Sauromatum venosum stems), and
mentioned several more.

Also of interest - I finally had a moment to browse the March 1997
Scientific American magazine and immediately noticed an article "Plants
That Warm Themselves" (p. 104) by Roger S. Seymour, associate professor of
zoology at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. He describes his
fascination with plant thermogenesis beginning with an encounter with
Philodendron selloum in 1972. Most of the plants mentioned in this article
are aroids, and there are references to previous articles on this subject
by this author and others. (All but one also studying aroids, the
exception on Nelumbo nucifera, the Sacred Lotus.)

The information on the metabolic pathways involved was new to me and very


-- Steve Marak

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