Re: hardiness

Lester Kallus writes:
 > I'm curious if my plants will have survived the winter.  Yesterday, while
 > searching through another catalog, I found Colocasia esculenta listed as a
 > zone 9 plant.  Having thought it was a zone 7 plant, I left mine out this
 > winter.  
 > This past winter here on Long Island has been a warm one.  Although usually
 > a zone 7a area, we had a balmy 8a with two short-lived (4-5 hours) dips
 > into 7b.  Are my Colocasias doomed? 
Mine are planted in sandy loam within sight of the Chesapeake Bay, 7b/8a
usually but balmy this year.

Mine have wintered over through two winters, this last the milder of them.
The top of the large corm became a bit mushy from frost damage, but
the plant performed beautifully anyway, as did two smaller corms.  I
have not tried overwintering my bulbifer (waiting until my leaf-corm
provides me with a spare).

Clear skies,

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