Re: ARGON and Mallorn

Have you seen the Mallorn site which is listing all communications from
Aroid-L? Has anyone given them permission to publish this? I will admit to
being disturbed. Mainly because I include my mailing address as part of my
signature, and even if I didn't, we are the only listing with our name in
the Richmond phone directory. Are the letters we write to each other fair
game for general publishing on a web site? Incidentally, the site is:
I am not sure exactly who determines this, or if it is all of us together.
Regardless, my objection is not that I am against spreading information,
but that I really think it is dangerous to have our addresses available to
any hacker that happens to be cruising by. Do not want to unsubscribe to
this group, but either I become a lurker and do not communicate, or
eliminate the problem by dropping out.... Nancy Swell

And I have turned off my signature! Better late than never?

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