Sun Bulb has a catalog in which they advertise "Amorphophallus bulbifer"
for the following prices...10 for $18.00, 25 for $37.50 and 50 for $60.00.
This is a great price and since Sun Bulb is a Wholesaler, you should be a
Nursery to order.  However, I am sure that there is someone in the group
who has a commercial operation that will be willing to coordinate a 'group
purchase'.  There is one good/bad thing with the identification of this
plant from Sun, some of the tubers are 'bulbifer' and some are not...  They
get them in large bulk lots and the source does not care if they are
'bulbifer' or not...  I think this is a good thing because there is a good
chance that you will get something other than bulbifer...  The bad thing is
that you will not know what it is until, possibly, it blooms...

So, if anyone is interested in organizing a purchase, contact me direct and
I will give you the address...  If anyone is interested in purchasing...
put it on aroid-l so that the organizer will know who you are....

One thing more....  The organizer will add a little to the above prices to
cover his/her time and expenses.  However, the price should still be
'right' for what you get...


Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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