New Good Stuff on MoBot Web Page

Aroiders and especially Anthurium fans,

Today two new links were added to the Research page at the MoBot web site 
<>, and if you are into Anthurium you will be 
pleased to see this new info.  First is a Key to Species Of Anth. sec 
Pachyneurium.  Guanghua Zhu has also created a link to this new Key from 
the IAS page.  The second new item at MoBot research is a List of Live 
Aroids in the MoBot collection. More specifically it is a list of the 
IDENTIFIED living species in their collection, as explained to me by 
Petra today.  They have far more yet to be IDed!

Let's have a round of applause for the folks at MoBot.  Putting these new 
pages together was a lot of work, and I think will prove to be valuable 
tools for many of us.


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