Re: Caladium marmoratum

> Thanks, but I was wondering if anyone knew who/where this name came from
> (somewhat like you querry re: C. paradoxum), or if it is one of those
> "made-up" jobs.
> Sincerely,
> Julius

Hi Julius and Paul,

    Caladium marmoratum was described by someone called Mathieu in Ind. 
Sem. Hort. Bot. Berol. App. 6. 1854, but it was considered by Madison as a
synonym of C. bicolor. I don't think that this name was suggested because
of marbled leaves but better because of marbled petioles. Wild populations of
Caladium bicolor in Central Brazil usually have marbled petioles,
resembling those of Taccarum or Asterostigma (and some Urospatha

Best wishes,


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