Am. titanum cutting experience ...

Hello list,

In november someone mentioned making cuttings out of Amorphophallus
leaves, the experience mostly came from bulbil forming species like Am.

If I recall correctly, then no one had info on Am. titanum cuttings at
that time. I thought it might be a good idea to try this for myself and
should I succeed then I would have created a nice 'backup' plant in case
the parent plant died.

I used only one cutting taken from a leaf that was turning yellow
anyway. Now after 3 months I have a thickening of the stem of approx. 5
mm and 2 roots growing out of it. At this time there is still no sign of
any leafs forming, but I am patient. I hope I can comment on any
developments in that direction in the following weeks ( months? ).

Well, I suppose other people have more experience with this plant, but I
thought I'd let you share in what I am doing. BTW the plants are from
seeds I got from Wilbert, so I think it is an Am. titanum allright.

Bye from the Netherlands,


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