1998 Caladiums

Greetings,  last year I was able to get 12 different Caladium cultivars
from a local grower.  He has notified me that there will be sufficient
quantities to offer this year for anyone wanting to grow these in their
yards.  I have put photos of the plants at:


He is offering these for 25 cents per tuber (no. 2) and the postage will
be approximately $3 for up to 20, $4 for up to 50, and $5 for up to 70. He
can also provide tubers of the Colocasia (edo type) that Julius has been
promoting as an excellent food source (Julius has even provided recipies
to those interested).  The grower also has tubers of Alocasia odora. The
latter two are fairly large in size (3-6" in circumference) and will add a
bit to the postage.  These tubers will be 30 cents each. 

This offer is a public service to aroid-L members. 

If you are interested, please let me know by private mail. You may also
use the "mail to" box on the web site. Maybe some of you who ordered
some of these plants last year can tell the listserve how they performed.


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