Re: Jasarum Growers?

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From: Tom Croat <>
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Date: Tuesday, February 03, 1998 11:21 PM
Subject: Re: Jasarum Growers?

Dear Tom,
These are my thoughts exactly concerning this very unique plant.  Don Burns
was the one asking if it was available, and what you have now said is in
effect what I had posted.
I am having a few probs with my "new" e-mail (new version of my old MSN )
system, so you would have received a message which I will now ask you to
pass on to Guang Hua please.
Any word on the new issue of Aroideana as yet?

>Julius:  It is a bitch to grow because of the special area it grows
>(submerged in blackwater streams flowing off white-sand areas).  We
>tried it once.  Josef did have it in cultivation but I don't know if he
>still has it.  If he can't grow it I would guess you might as well not
>try!  My student Jane Whitehill needs some material for her studies so
>if you succeed in finding it let me know.
> Tom

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