Re: Jasarum Growers?

Julius:  It is a bitch to grow because of the special area it grows
(submerged in blackwater streams flowing off white-sand areas).  We
tried it once.  Josef did have it in cultivation but I don't know if he
still has it.  If he can't grow it I would guess you might as well not
try!  My student Jane Whitehill needs some material for her studies so
if you succeed in finding it let me know. 
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> From: Don Burns <>
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> Date: Sunday, February 01, 1998 12:39 AM
> Subject: Jasarum Growers?
> >Is anyone on the list growing Jasarum steyermarkii?  I am looking for a
> >source for the plant.
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> >Don
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> >Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b
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> Dear Don,
> Long time no hear!
> I asked around for this in the pre-e-mail days, and no one had it.  I
> believe that Bogner MIGHT have had it back around the time it was being
> discribed, but it probably would be difficult to keep alive, as it grows in
> swift moving water, highly acidic.
> Good luck,
> Julius

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