Call for seed specimens for Seed Lipid study

>Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 23:22:47 -0500
>To: <Aroid-l@mobot.ORG>
>From: "Victor G. Soukup" <>
>Subject: Call for seed specimens for Seed Lipid study
>Dear Aroid-l Membership, et al,
>     My study of the acid profiles of the seed lipids of Araceae is
progressing.  The help of the Aroid-l correspondents has been invaluable
and I graciously give thanks for the past help.  Besides the primary goals,
the study has found a unique acid, 13-phenyltridecanoic acid, as a major
component of the seed lipids in subfamily Aroideae of Araceae
(Phytochemistry 1997) and another apparently unique acid,
2-octylcyclopropane-octanoic acid, in the genus Montrichardia.  Forty three
of the 105 genera in the family have now been examined.
>     There are, however, some major gaps among the genera examined.  Seeds
of the following genera are needed at this time:  Eminium, Theriophonum,
>Typhonium, Pothos, Homalomena, Caladium, Pseudodracontium, Cryptocoryne,
>Lagenandra, and at least some of the Madagascan genera (except Typhonodorum).
>     I usually need a minimum of 5 - 6 fruits/seeds for an analysis,
although I prefer to have 10 - 15 for duplicate determinations, etc.  While
my primary study is on seed lipids, I prefer to receive fruits (berries)
because I am also carrying out a similar study of the soft berry tissues.
However, if only seeds are available, I gladly accept seeds.  All submitted
mateials should be identified, preferably down to species, and any known
collection information supplied.  
>     Donations of fruits/seeds will be acknowledged in future
publications.  I
>will reimburse your expenses if requested to do so.
>     Thanks for you kind consideration.   Sincerely,
Victor G. Soukup
Assoc. Curator of the Herbarium
Department of Biological Sciences
P.O. Box 210006
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0006
Herbarium phone: 513-556-9761

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