Re: mainstream

MJ Hatfield wrote:
> Ahh, aroids are becoming more mainstream.
> The Parks Countryside Gardens has:
>          Amorphophallus bulbifera, which looks like A.konjac, but then I
> haven't seed an A.bulbifer bloom yet
> And Wayside Gardens, A Gardener's Treasury, has:
>          Arisaema candidissimum for only $39.95
>          Arum italicum 'Pictum' for only $14.95
Mellinger's 1977 Garden catalog just arrived this week with listings for
Sauromatum guttatum, Amorphophallus bulbifer, Sarracenia purpurea,
several callas (no species listed), Asarum candense, and Arisaema
triphyllum.  (There were also a number of gingers for those who follow
that sort of thing <g>.)  None were at the outrageous prices of Wayside,
e.g. A. triphyllum and A. candense were $5.75 each and the S. gutattum
was $3.50.  

Definitly looks like a trend to me.  I would be interested in hearing of
experiences with this company before I order from them.

Thanks much,
Eric Simpson
Washington, DC

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