Listing Aroid-L around the Web


I managed to get Aroid-L added to Liszt a while back. I've also sent
Stephanie and Peter Da Silva, who maintain PAML ("Publicly Accessible
Mailing Lists") information for listing Aroid-L, but it will probably not
appear there until later this month. 

Thanks for mentioning this publicly, though.

If any list members know of other places around the Web where we should be
mentioned, please let Don or I know and we will try to see that we are
represented. (I suggest that only because both Liszt and PAML ask that
information submitted to them about a list come from one of the list


On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, MJ Hatfield wrote:

> Just have a question. Should Aroid-L be listed on 
> 	Liszt, Directory of E-Mail Discussion Groups
> 		or
> 	Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
> 		?
> MJ Hatfield

-- Steve Marak

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